Extra Edition: Unmasking Myths. Additionally, Toxic Oil Pollution Devastates Communities.

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The majority of Latino children in California live in the most polluted areas of the state, in addition to suffering from asthma and diabetes in higher proportions than white children. In response, community advocates are launching a campaign to unmask the lies and uncover the relationship between these diseases and climate change and major oil companies. They also urge the government to adopt corrective policies.

Guests: Martha Argüello, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Los Angeles, CA; Rey León, Director, LEAP Institute, Huron, CA.

Toxic Oil Pollution Devastates Communities.

Human rights organizations have published new reports exposing the devastating effects of toxic pollution from fossil fuels and the petrochemical industry on the health of many communities in Texas and across the United States. The authors of these reports are invited to share their findings.

Guest: Luciana Téllez-Chávez, Lead Researcher, Environment and Human Rights Division, Human Rights Watch, Berlin, Germany.

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